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At heart I'm a storyteller and for me audiobooks offer a tremendous means of self expression, and for the listener, the means with which to immerse yourself wholly and completely in a story. Take a journey with me and find my titles on Audible by clicking here! Or, click the button below to read select reviews!



  by Alice Dean

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Essential Guide to Public Speaking for Beginners has been created to suit your objectives by providing you with simple, effective, and easy-to-follow tips and tricks about public speaking. Don’t let fear or inexperience hold you back any longer.  


  by Hanz Holzer

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Stars still inhabit the Hollywood mansions in which they once lived. Compelled to seek the peace that eluded them when they were alive, they now roam the corridors of their former homes, lost in the shadowy world between life and death.


  by Mark Will, G. J. Villa

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Follow Wells and Vara as the events of this day - and night - take them from Parnell Square to Grogan’s Castle Lounge. Flannsday is certain to amuse, bewilder, and delight the general reader as well as connoisseurs of Joyce, O’Brien, and the Irish literary tradition.


  by Jack Call

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

A detailed account of life during the years from 1972 through 1978, as a follower of Art Kleps, the Chief Boo Hoo of the Neo-American Church, subscribing to the belief that psychedelics are sacraments, encouraging the realization that life is a dream.

Inmate 1142980.jpg

  by Desiree Lee

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Experience the will-power of someone with a real story. A former high school student, 3.8 GPA, two basketball scholarships, on her way to college in pursuit of the American Dream. In as less as two weeks after her high school graduation, Desiree Lee found herself on the other side of the law.

Hacking the Out of Body Experience (Cove

  by Robert Peterson

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Everything we know about the afterlife is based on someone else’s spiritual experiences: near-death experiences  (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) aka astral projection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your own answers without coming close to death? Now you can.

How to Write a Bestseller.jpg

  by Vikrant Shaurya

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Becoming a best-selling author can be a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process. If you don’t have the industry know-how, it could take years to make any headway, at all, and with no guarantee of success at the end of it. But with the right guidance, the path is quick and easy.

Mortal Doctor.jpg

  by Phillip Ahn, M.D.

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Phillip Ahn, MD, is an accomplished family physician and lifelong martial artist, who transformed from a shy and insecure boy to a confident yet reserved and appreciated leader. He has overcome obstacles to encounter unique experiences, like becoming Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 2. 


  by Ivy Spencer

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Do you have a propensity to over-analyze everything? How many times have you stayed up late at night because you can't stop worrying about the little slip you've had at work? This audiobook is going to help you control your overthinking mind before things get worse.

Four Loop Learning.jpg

  by Bob Cancalosi

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

A lifelong curiosity in learning and teaching led me to journaling as a deliberate process to accelerate my insights through detailed recording of ideas and reflection upon their significance. This audiobook explains and explores the four loop process of recording, reflecting, acting, and sharing.

We Need to Talk.jpg

  by Shibani Lal

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Relationships are impacted by the ability to communicate. Customers are won or lost and professional networks are expanded or extinguished - all by how well we communicate. We Need to Talk reveals key strategies to help you build trust and win respect when communicating gets critical.

Paradigm Lost.jpg

  by Ian S. Lustick

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Why have Israelis and Palestinians failed to achieve a two-state solution? 50 years as an analyst of the Arab-Israeli dispute brings to bear on this question and offers an explanation of why continued attempts to divide the land will have no more success than would negotiations to establish a one-state solution.

How to Become More Successful with Diffi

  by Daniel Blanchard

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Many of our public school students are struggling with their poor behaviors and poor school performance. If you're an educator who is giving it your all to help every one of our youth be better students and better people, then How to Become More Successful with Difficult Students is a necessity for your everyday use.

Startup Evolution Curve.jpg

  by Dr. Donatas Jonikas

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

It's like an IKEA guide for building your next startup. Based on research of 1,447 startups and highly recommended by more than 30 international experts. Every startup founder should have it on the desk! Donatas Jonikas (PhD) provides clear and actionable guidelines for what to do next if you want to transform your innovative ideas into profitable and scalable startup business.

Last Night on the Titanic.jpg

  by Veronica Hinke

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

April 14, 1912. It was an unforgettable night. In the last hours before the Titanic struck the iceberg, passengers in all classes were enjoying unprecedented luxuries. Innovations in food, drink, and décor made this voyage the apogee of Edwardian elegance. 

Lessons From My Grandfather.jpg

  by Marc Demetriou

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Demetriou tells his Grandfather's inspirational story, then applies his lessons to today. The result provides both clarity and vision for helping you recognize your unique talents, along with lifelong principles that will allow you to identify and reach your goals in life and business.

Amazon KDP.jpg

  by Steve Smith

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Publishing books on Amazon! Do you want to know how? Do you want to know how to market your book? Do you want to know how to build a passive income stream that will work while you sleep?


This book will show you how!

Riches for Real Estate Agents.jpg

  by Jarret B. Shaffer

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Riches for Real Estate Agents is like Think and Grow Rich meets The Richest Man in Babylon. It’s everything you need to turn an underperforming real estate business into a systematic, enjoyable, profitable one. Achieve everything you dreamed real estate could bring you.

How to Get an Animation Internship.jpg

  by Eric Bravo

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

In this audiobook you’ll get a “behind the scenes” look as Eric interviews industry professionals who interned at major animation studios such as Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, Walt Disney, and ILM. Contains helpful tips and insightful knowledge from recruiters, including what studios look for in an intern.

Zen Buddhism.jpg

  by Joshua Matt Chan

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Discover the secret of Zen masters. What is Zen? This question asks: What is the fundamental nature of Mind? With this audiobook you will have an introduction about the fundamentals principle of Zen Buddhism and the main differences with the traditional school.

Sweet Surrender.jpg

  by Austin Bates

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Trapped by family matters, Zen seeks a new life with someone else. A place to be free. Love is his only option. Zen is the heir to his father’s mafia throne. Lost in a sea of back-alley politics, Zen wants nothing more than to escape with his head in one piece - and his heart. 

Self-Esteem The 30-Day Challenge.jpg

  by Mark Evan Nathan

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

You will benefit from this revolutionary way of brightening your moods without drugs or lengthy therapy. All you need is your own common sense and the easy-to-follow methods revealed in this audiobook on self-esteem, productivity and self-development.

Productivity Fast Track Your

  by Jerry Hempel

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Whether you are a student, corporate manager, small business owner, or stay-at-home mom, you can easily learn how to be more productive, stay motivated, and live the life you want. Learn to really maximize your potential in time management, mental toughness, business, life, and more.

One Move at a Time.jpg

  by Orrin C. Hudson

    Narrated by Gary J. Chambers

Learn to play chess the fun and easy way while you learn what it takes to be successful in life. One Move at a Time reveals 20 proven ways to succeed at the game of kings. It uses teen-friendly language to teach you fun, simple ways to memorize how the game is set up and how the pieces move.

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